About The
Bloom Bloom Fleur

At Bloom Bloom Fleur we provide high-quality preserved flower retailing and delivery service for your loved ones on special occasions. Our name, Bloom Bloom Fleur, is the cross-language ensemble of the words ‘bloom’ in English and ‘flower’ in French which depicts the prominent phase of flowers, bursting with life. France is famous for its fragrance as well as delicate flowers, and we would like to present the romantic recollection to you through our name.

Preserved Flowers

Each preserved flower is processed by local experts from all over the globe. Fresh flowers are preserved by their skillful hands with extra care, the shape, colour and the freshness of the flowers are captured at the best moment when they were plucked. The exquisite products of our craftsmanship can endure the test of time for more than two years without any nutrient support or natural light.

Every work presented by Bloom Bloom Fleur is one of a kind, and the whole box of our art pieces is meant to be special to your loved one. We spare no effort as you deserve the best. The package of our service includes free delivery, a 3R photo and a card designed by our company.

The Online Shop

Send your loving regards to your important ones by bringing the best-preserved flowers now. Memories fade, flowers stay.