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Flower Bouquet


The Standard Package

HKD 3,588

The Grand Package

HKD 9,888

The Premium Package

HKD 16,888

Flowers had been taking an important part in a wedding. It promotes the atmosphere of the wedding much with your dress and scene. It also takes the sole participation in the decoration.


Everyone would like to have a wedding with full bloom blossom all around. The preserved flowers from Bloom Bloom Fleur will be the exclusive one to fit your needs. We will have consultation with you to make the products not only fulfil your needs, but also advising to match with your dress

and scene.


We customerized your products. We have closed relationship with our customers during our production process from dying flowers to flowers arrangements. We know what you need.

*All main flowers except Roses, Zinna, Gerbera, Mum Kongiku, Mum Ringiku, Calla Lily will be charged additionally.

  • 1 – 2pcs HKD 400@
  • 3 – 5pcs HKD 350@
  • 6 pcs up HKD 300@