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Showing all 17 results

Delightful Preserved Flower Gift Boxes

Most of the products from Bloom Bloom Fleur are preserved and presented in a flower box, meticulously arranged for you, or for that very special someone. Packaged in a delightful flower gift box, our preserved flower box HK comes in different forms, sizes, and themes to suit the occasion.

Let’s be honest, most women would appreciate a bouquet from an important someone as a symbol of being loved and cared for. Men, on the other hand, may feel burdened or even annoyed at the prospect of choosing the “perfect” flowers for each occasion. Consequently, they usually opt to just send a bouquet of flowers for every occasion.

A delightful and well-crafted flower box HK on the other hand, may often prove to be a welcome surprise to the receiver. Therefore, we highly recommend sending a flower box Hong Kong from Bloom Bloom Fleur for your next special occasion. Our preserved flower box allows you to handle and present it easily. Some cotton with water is added into the bundles of flowers to prolong the freshness and maintain its appearance. In certain instances, ladies may struggle with the weight of a bouquet of fresh flower. Preserved flowers from Bloom Bloom Fleur are preserved in their current state after hydration. Therefore, all ladies can carry them with ease in our exquisite paper bag.

Flower Gift Box Delivery

What’s more, the preserved flower box HK can be used as a ring box, photo frame or as a gift itself for her. Also, Bloom Bloom Fleur is currently one of the very few stores that offers a flower gift box delivery service. Another advantage is that the receiver of your delightful present can keep the preserved flower box for a period of up to 3 years with careful handling and some simple precautions.

Flower Gift Box Themes & Options

Each of our preserved flower gift box are categorized into themes, with a myriad of options. This provides a wide variety of products for you to choose from, and they are considered art pieces by some on our industry. Each flower can have different shapes and forms even if they belong to the same grouping or type of flowers. Their unique form and shape represent their own characteristics.